LIVE AND LET LIVE PLEA: Medical marijuana user pleads for state to leave him alone.
LIVE AND LET LIVE PLEA: Medical marijuana user pleads for state to leave him alone. Craig Warhurst

'Just leave me alone': Medical marijuana user won't give up

A COMMITTED marijuana consumer told Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday he would never pass a drug test and wished the state would just leave him alone.

Darren Ian Esquilant, of Rifle Range Rd, pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana when police raided his home on November 29.

"It's time the country had some compassion for people like me who use a harmless plant for medicinal purposes," he said.

Esquiland also pleaded guilty to possessing utensils for smoking and equipment for growing, possessing and producing plants, as well as instruction books which he said he came to possess when a friend died.

Magistrate M Baldwin told Esquilant she could not change the law.

"I'm not a politician.

"If you're going to live in Queensland you have to obey the law," she said.

"You will have to vote for politicians who will change the law."

Esquiland responded: "They're always p---ing on our backs and telling us it's raining.

"All I want to do is live my life in peace and treat myself as I see fit," he said.

Mrs Baldwin said Esquilant's previous criminal history let him down and proposed 12 months probation with therapeutic drug testing.

"We've been down that path. It doesn't work," Esquilant replied.

"I'm not going to test clear for months and months with all the cannabis I ingest," he said.

"Do you intend to keep running the gauntlet?" Mrs Baldwin asked.

"I'd rather not answer that," he said.

Told that the alternative to probation was suspended jail, Esquilant changed his mind and accepted 12 months probation.