Craig Warhurst
Craig Warhurst

No more blistering in the sun

THE slip, slop, slap message seems to be getting through to Gympie region residents.

As a community we are getting sunburnt less than our southern neighbours on the Sunshine Coast.

That said, the majority of us are still get sunburnt every year and only 6% of us use all five methods of sun protection.

We still aren't totally sun safe but have come a long way since I was a teenager.

Most weekends we either headed down to the Memorial Pool or Rainbow Beach and lathered ourselves in coconut oil, sometimes even baby oil, and baked for hours.

While camping, I can still remember the extreme pain of sleeping on a camp stretcher with a sunburnt back.

In fact, beach holidays weren't beach holidays unless you peeled at least once.

Thankfully things are changing and hopefully the next generation will have a lot less skin cancer than the previous one.