NO LIMIT: Jesper Wittorff

No such thing as under the limit for this driver

WHEN Alec Gordon Richardson told Gympie Magistrates Court today he had tried to keep "under the limit” after having a few drinks last month, he received a quick lesson in mathematics.

"You can't be under the limit,” magistrate Chris Callaghan told the P-Plate licence holder. "The limit for you is zero.”

You shouldn't go anywhere near a car if you've had a drink in the previous 24 hours,” Mr Callaghan told him.

Richardson pleaded guilty to driving in Young Street on August 9 with a breath alcohol reading of .024 per cent.

Mr Callaghan noted Richardson's "bad driving history” but said he had recorded "a very low reading, which would have had very little effect” on his driving.

Mr Callaghan fined Richardson $200, with no conviction recorded and disqualified him from driving for three months.