AT RISK: The Noosa North Shore campground.
AT RISK: The Noosa North Shore campground. Con

Noosa Cooloola Coast paradise is getting trashed

AN EASTER trashing of the Cooloola Coast south of Rainbow Beach by irresponsible campers has led to a call to black ban offenders.

But, despite Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers having to pick up stacks of camping debris long after offenders have headed home, peak off-road body Four Wheel Drive Queensland does not want a stricter population limit at this potential World Heritage area.

Campers have discarded mattresses, a broken-down trailer, plastic chairs, even a baby potty along North Shore.

Local Jenna Degan was "absolutely horrified” by the rubbish she saw on a drive up to Double Island Point, much of it close to the waterline where it could wash into the ocean.

Ms Degan said the community needed to get involved to discuss effective countermeasures to this rubbishing, from a rubbish levy on top of camp fees to restricting access permits.

"This gorgeous beach is a rubbish dump at the expense of the environment ... something has to change,” she said.

, I took these photos with my phone while kayaking upstream from North Shore ferry. Contrast of the beauty of nature and the shame of rubbish left people..lots of bait bags, stubbies,cans and various plastics. Photo Contributed
LEFT: A photo taken upstream from the North Shore ferry Contributed

Unimpressed camper Tony Quinn told Seven News Sunshine Coast the campers next door to him "just left that much rubbish”.

"I was going to tell the ranger, you know, black ban them ... don't let them come back up here.

"You've got their rego, and put a cross on them and they're not allowed to come.”

Fellow camper Craig McKay said: "There was a lot of rubbish up further. Yeah, it was pretty disgusting really.”

"It's not real easy to take all your stuff with you ... we always bring a lot of garbage bags and everything, and take it with us.”

Natalie McKay pointed to a bucket left behind that had been used as a possible makeshift toilet.

This pile of rubbish was found at the Wide Bay Motor Complex lease land, on the Maryborough Cooloola Coast Rd.
This pile of rubbish was found at the Wide Bay Motor Complex lease land, on the Maryborough Cooloola Coast Rd. Contributed

Four Wheel Drive Queensland spokesman Anton Neilsen told local ABC radio there were some issues about the amount of rubbish from along this coastline and on Fraser Island.

"We don't want to see those areas closed down. We've worked very hard with Parks and Wildlife to try and maintain these things,” he said.

His members are mustering on the weekend of May 5-7 to do one of two annual Fraser clean-ups, because they like to preserve the environment for the community.

At Easter and Christmas the camping cap was 2500 for Teewah Beach, 2300 further up past Rainbow Beach at Inskip Point, plus traffic from daytrippers using vehicle permits. On-the-spot littering fines of $243 apply with $1950 fines for illegal dumping.