Snapchats from the incident in Francis Street, West End.
Snapchats from the incident in Francis Street, West End.

Snapchat hero stops bumbling criminal

A WOULD-BE thief was taught a painful lesson when his attempt to steal clothes from a West End unit was foiled by a good neighbour.

Chanten Lefoe, 25, returned home about 4.50am on Friday after working a night shift when he heard a commotion around his neighbour's unit and saw a man walking out the gate with a pile of clothes.

"I'm thinking in my head, hey, are you right? Where did you get that from?" Mr Lefoe said.

"I started questioning him and he just didn't answer me, it's like I was invisible."

Mr Lefoe said he told the man to take the clothes back when a scuffle broke out, which resulted in Mr Lefoe breaking three knuckles.

In his attempt to escape, the criminal tripped down a ditch, breaking his leg.

Mr Lefoe dragged the man from the ditch to the driveway and called an ambulance.

"He tried to crawl away so I had to pick him up by his shorts and drag him back and say, 'You're not going anywhere'," Mr Lefoe said.

"No New Year's for this boy."

Mr Lefoe's uncle Mikey Smith, 24, posted updates of the incident on Snapchat and then Facebook.

"I just took one photo and it went viral from there," he said.

"They're loving it."

Hundreds of comments flooded the posts hailing Mr Lefoe as a hero and promising him plenty of cartons of beer for his efforts.

"I don't know about being a hero, our neighbour would do the same thing," he said.

"I wouldn't mind one carton, but I'm still waiting."

District duty officer Sergeant Dave Lynch said the man would likely be questioned for trespassing.

"An incident did occur where a male offender suffered some injuries," Sgt Lynch said. "They were self-inflicted by the sound of it."

A Queensland Police spokesman said that while no charges had been laid, police were still investigating.

Yesterday, a number of break and enters were reported across West End and Railway Estate.

Three units in Henry St and one unit in Martinez Ave in West End were targeted with two vehicles stolen and at least two break-ins with car thefts also reported in Railway Estate.

One of the stolen vehicles was found by police yesterday morning in South Townsville.

"There's a couple of suspects that have been sighted on CCTV footage but we haven't been able to identify them yet," Sgt Lynch said.

"Hopefully they'll be able to get some fingerprints and identify those offenders. I'd say it was the same ­offenders responsible."

The first break-in was reported about 6am yesterday.

To provide any information or report a break-in, contact Policelink on 131 444.