Residents have given their verdict of Gympie Regional Council, rating their performance worse than in 2015.
Residents have given their verdict of Gympie Regional Council, rating their performance worse than in 2015. Renee Albrecht

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Council on the nose, approval rating slides

GYMPIE council has bombed out on its most recent report card, dropping "well below" the approval rating local residents gave it in the same survey two years ago.

Money management and community consultation were two of the biggest things residents wanted the council to do better in, the survey revealed.

According to the 2017 Community Satisfaction benchmarking report, conducted through calls to 400 random residents, the overall view of council is that their performance has dropped.

How would you rate the overall performance of Gympie Regional Council since the election?

This poll ended on 05 March 2018.

Current Results

5 (Great)


4 (Good)


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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Rated at 71.44 per cent in 2015, last year's survey has the council rated at 67.3 per cent, or "fair to good".

And that opinion holds for everything, with the report finding "all themes for Gympie have scored well below the 2015 benchmarking survey".

While it follows a wider trend found across the state by the LGAQ's survey last year, the council's decline of 4 per cent is higher than the 1.5 per cent decline of all councils combined.

How the council managed the shire and the qualities of the council were particular points of concern, both down 7 per cent from 2015.

Of course, it was not all bad news, with community lifestyle services still above the state average.

Overall 42 different categories were listed in the survey.


gympie dump
Residents said waste services were worse off than they were two years ago. Scott Kovacevic

Fourteen areas of importance were rated as poor and should be prioritised.

These included financial management (rated 52 per cent), local employment and economic development (53.9 per cent), and revenue-raising t (54.9 per cent).

All had dropped significantly from their 2015 ratings.

Our elected officials were not exempt from criticism either.

The quality of the elected council dropped from 71.8 per cent in 2015 to 61.4 per cent, and the quality of councillors dealt sunk to 63.2 per cent from 71.8 per cent in 2015.

Of course, there were still a number of things which we felt the council did well.

Water and sewerage continued to be top performers (just below 80 per cent) followed by community safety, community health, and community services.

And while waste management dropped as expected after last year's wholesale changes (80 per cent in 2015 to 70.8 per cent in 2017), it still ranked in the region's top 10 services.

The council's outdoor and indoor staff also received praise for their efforts.