'I’d like to see how the data is collected quite frankly … I certainly wasn’t asked about my obesity or fat levels.'
'I’d like to see how the data is collected quite frankly … I certainly wasn’t asked about my obesity or fat levels.'

You won't believe where Australia's chunkiest humans live

AUSTRALIA'S fattest and most obese locations have been revealed.

And the chunkiest place is Katherine in the NT.

New data has shown more than three quarters of Katherine's population.are "overweight or obese".

Katherine topped the list no place wants to be on with the NT town recording the highest rate of "overweight or obese people" in the country at 77.8 per cent.

New data, compiled by Victoria University's Mitchell Institute, also showed that 43.3 per cent of Katherine residents are "obese".

The data, compiled showed Katherine had the highest percentage of obese adults in five NT local government areas, with Alice Springs coming in second with 34.3 per cent of adults classified as "obese".

The only more "obese" town was Wellington in regional NSW.


• Katherine, NT 77.8%

• Murrumbidgee, NSW 77.3%

• Carrathool, NSW 77.2%

• Lachlan, NSW 77.1%

• Forbes, NSW 77%


• Wellington, NSW 43.9%

• Katherine, NT 43.3%

• Lachlan, NSW 42.5%

• Forbes, NSW 42.5%

• Blayney, NSW 42.6%

Katherine Mayor Fay Miller said the news shocked her but she also questioned its legitimacy.

"I was first of all very surprised because Katherine has around 5000 people per week using sporting facilities, BMX, plenty doing triathlons and plenty of fit people," she said.

"I'd like to see how the data is collected quite frankly … I certainly wasn't asked about my obesity or fat levels."

However Ms Miller said Katherine did tend to have a greater low socio-economic population which could impact on diets.

"When people have little money they can't buy healthy food and might I say healthy food is ridiculously expensive," she said.

"They will buy filling food and that's not as nutritious as it should be.

"We also have the Food Ladder program which was started by indigenous women, teaching children the importance of eating healthy food, nutrition."

At the lighter side of the scales, the Nightcliff area including Rapid Creek, Jingili and Coconut Grove was the Territory's slimmest, with just a quarter of adults classified as obese.

Rapid Creek's Greenies Real Food co-owner Ursula Kupfler said the outdoors lifestyle contributed to the healthy statistics.

"You're outdoors all the time, you've got the foreshore, weather's fantastic, a lot of people ride their bikes to our store or walk," she said.

"We're lucky, we're in the right location, surrounded by homes, so we've got a healthy population."

Ms Kupfler said she felt there were more options for healthy food stores such as hers in the area, which also encouraged people to have healthy habits.

"Just giving the people to have the option to have the healthier choice might make that little bit of difference, I'd be really happy to think that was the case," she said.