The nurse was sexually harassed and then allegedly asked to move on (Photo by STR / AFP)
The nurse was sexually harassed and then allegedly asked to move on (Photo by STR / AFP)

Harassed nurse allegedly moved on despite cop’s misconduct

A GOLD COAST nurse sexually harassed by a police officer she worked alongside was allegedly asked to leave her role despite the cop in question being found to have engaged in misconduct.

An internal investigation into the matter - involving unwanted messages including pornographic images - found the sergeant's conduct amounted to misconduct.

But despite apologies from a top cop and the officer in question, the female nurse was transferred to another role against her wishes.

The Bulletin understands the nurse who received the repeated, unwanted messages via Facebook is one of many emergency services staff who worked with city police full-time.

Sources close to the nurse claim she was asked by superiors to "play nice in the sandbox" and she was then moved on because "they all have a job to do."

Official documents viewed by the Bulletin reveal a complaint was first referred to the Gold Coast District Professional Practice Manager in 2017 after the nurse received repeated unwanted messages included pornographic images from a sergeant.

It is understood the complaint was made by someone other than the nurse.

"An investigation determined the sergeant's conduct was unacceptable and as a result the allegation was referred to a prescribed officer for consideration," the documents read.

The then-chief superintendent district officer of the Gold Coast District Terry Borland wrote: "Conduct was substantiated by the prescribed officer as misconduct and a disciplinary sanction was imposed.

"This type of conduct fails to meet the standards of behaviour the Queensland Police Service expects of a police officer."

In a personal apology letter to the nurse, the sergeant said he had attempted to be "funny and engaging".

"I understand I crossed a line and I made you feel uncomfortable, out of place and discriminated against," his letter read.

"I truly regret this entire situation."

Later, an individual close to the nurse alleges she was told just hours before the officer returned to work that they would again be sharing a shift following a disciplinary absence.

Upon expressing her discomfort the nurse was allegedly told by police to "play nice in the sand box".

"She loved her job and wasn't going to leave," the source said.

Days later it has been alleged she was moved to another position away from the police service.

"She was told by someone she had a job to do and so did he - so she was moved," the source said.

Queensland Police would not comment on the allegations the nurse was moved because she made the officer uncomfortable.

A QPS spokesman told the Bulletin this week: "Disciplinary matters relating to a sergeant were dealt with in May 2017.

"The officer is substantively attached to a position … however may also perform duties at other locations within the Gold Coast District."