Christopher Chan

Rising number of nurses missing out on work

A RISING number of Australia's registered nurses and midwives are unable to find a job, new data has revealed.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data shows about 92% of all nurses and midwives have jobs in their field, but the number looking for work is on the rise.

Of the 323,700 registered nurses and midwives in 2014, 9100 were looking for a job in their desired field - up from 8200 in 2013 and 4500 in 2011.

Institute spokesman Dr Adrian Webster said despite the rising number of nurses and midwives unable to find work in their field, the overall supply of nurses was steady.

The sector's workforce was aging, however, with more nurses aged 50-54 employed than any other age group, at about 39% of the total nursing workforce.

Despite that, the next biggest age group working in the industry was 30 and under.

The total nursing workforce was 98% female and 2% male.

In 2014, 111,300 worked in the private sector and 178,700 worked in the public service.