Llew O'Brien, Federal Member for Wide Bay, has joined Gympie State MP Tony Perrett in urging Gympie councillors to think hard before supporting the proposed policy change that could open the door to ratepayer-funded legal action against public critics of councillors and staff.
Llew O'Brien, Federal Member for Wide Bay, has joined Gympie State MP Tony Perrett in urging Gympie councillors to think hard before supporting the proposed policy change that could open the door to ratepayer-funded legal action against public critics of councillors and staff. Renee Albrecht

O'Brien issues his own warning to Gympie councillors


POLITICIANS who put themselves forward for these positions do need to have a thicker than normal skin, and this is borne out by the fact there is a different standard by where the court determines defamation for public officials and politicians.

CLICK HERE: Tony Perrett weighs in on controversial Gympie council legal policy proposal

It's there to encourage our system of democracy, and there's an element of responsible government.

Any policy that threatens that should be seriously looked at.

As an MP I know only too well you have to take the good with the bad, and people elect you to represent them and not get involved in unproductive squabbles that don't serve the community.

Llew O'Brien,

Federal Member for Wide Bay


Grateful school thanks heroes of One Mile Fire

AS P&C president of One Mile State School, I would like to thank the amazing efforts of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service during the recent fire that destroyed our school's C block classrooms.

Without their heroic actions and quick thinking, this tragic event could have been far worse if the fire had spread to the adjacent buildings.

The One Mile School community is extremely grateful.

Many thanks also to the Queensland Police Service for your quick response with your investigations.

This incident, whilst tragic, will ultimately once again reveal the strength of the good in our community overcoming a small minority's urge to destroy it.

Discover the Gold Within.

Malcolm Dodt,

One Mile State School P&C President.

Thumbs up to railway staff

WHEN I got the train to travel to Gympie the staff were terrific as there was a minor situation that had been happening. Staff were only too pleased to help me move to another carriage to make travel more pleasant.

Debra Livingstone,


Jobless situation scary and sad

IT'S scary when you think one in four young people in the Wide Bay region wants a job but can't get one.

Well that is sadly the case as youth unemployment continues to shoot up both in Wide Bay and across Queensland.

The extent of Labor's jobs crisis has been laid bare, with new figures showing more than 800 youth jobs slashed from the Wide Bay jobs market in the last year.

The latest ABS figures now show Wide Bay's youth unemployment rate at 24%, after a 4.4% rise in just the last 12 months.

Statewide, a total of 11,200 young people had their jobs disappear in the past year.

All while the Palaszczuk Labor Government has been at the helm.

Queensland is leading the nation for all the wrong reasons under Labor, with youth jobs vanishing in 13 out of 19 regions in Queensland last year.

These facts irrefutably show Labor's "jobs budget” is nothing more than a con job and Queensland is being held back by a do-nothing Labor government.

In contrast to Labor's inaction, the LNP's $100million Get Queensland Working program will create up to 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders, and reverse Labor's youth jobs trend by reducing the cost of working for young apprentices and offering financial incentives for businesses who train and retain staff.

Only an LNP Government will create jobs across Queensland, deliver the vital infrastructure projects the Wide Bay region needs and Build a Better Queensland.

Scott Emerson,

LNP Shadow Treasurer

Police raise revenue on Gympie Show weekend

I, LIKE so many others, was fined in a No Stopping zone sign that appeared on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Gympie Show.

Disappointed that the police found it necessary to make this a revenue making event and fine show-goers and stall holders supporting the Gympie Show was one thing, but when I went past the Showgrounds on the weekend for the Garden Show, there was no such signs and cars parked up and down the street in exactly the same places that show-goers were parked when fined.

Someone please explain to me and others that were fined why these signs appeared only for the Gympie Show and not every other race day, event etc held at the Showgrounds?

For all those that said

just "shut up and pay the fine” and "you did the

wrong thing and parked in

a "No Stopping Zone” this

is BS!

Still trying to make sense on why this BS only happens when police can make the biggest revenue, because if this was consistent with every other event, it would be a known fact not to park there but it is not.

That's because it is all about revenue making on one of the biggest events in Gympie and I would be curious to know just how much was profited from this.

Victoria Cuzzubbo,


Resistance is futile

RANDOM drug and alcohol testing for welfare recipients, under-25s and long-term recipients in particular, should be mandatory.

Those with nothing to hide, need not be concerned.

The taxpaying public forfeits billions of welfare payments to many demographics with undisclosed agendas.

They have a right to know that their money is well spent.

Regional Australia has an escalating drug problem and high unemployment.

It's the unemployed in particular that this will target and rightfully so.

In may regional communities, the trial welfare card is impacting negative socio-economic conditions of inter- generational welfare recipients, to combat critical social problems, drug and alcohol abuse.

Though the forced testing will not alleviate every social problem facing governments, Centrelink and welfare agencies, it

has to be introduced.

The abuse and misuse of welfare dollars by recipients needs to be addressed somehow.

The do-gooders, purporting not all welfare recipients are drug-users, must admit some will be caught out.

Australia cannot afford to just give out welfare dollars with no conditions.

So far it has failed to inspire many to accept any work, treating welfare as a right.

If this is mandatory, those who abuse the generosity of the taxpayer will soon learn that it is futile to resist.

Not all are genuinely applying for work and not

all are cheats, but this will sort the sheep from the goats.

With a massive welfare bill, governments are desperate to rein in the phenomenal outlay, especially when it plays into the hands of criminals, creating a social class of terminal welfare dependants.

E. Rowe,


Why did some women take 30 years to complain?

I WAS a school teacher many years ago, and had a normal relationship with my students.

I actually put my arm around girls 11 or 12 years old, sometimes.

Now that Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby have been set free, I can relax a bit. I still have occasional contact with some students. Girls. Whom I taught in Grade 6 in 1976.

I am leading up to the number of accusations from women who complain about sexual harassment 25 or 30 years ago

Sexual harassment and workplace health and safety came into program at about the same time with political correctness.

Why did some women take 30 years to complain?

Or had it become a fashionable way of obtaining money or notoriety?

Beware, teachers, priests, scoutmasters, bus drivers, entertainers and Santa!

Richard Channell,