Obscene show captured by CCTV

A DRUNKEN reveller has been fined for abusing himself at one of Ipswich's busiest intersections.

Although the offence was committed in the early hours of September 4, police prosecutor Ipswich Magistrates Court heard there were motorists, pedestrians and residents close by when Ryan David Brown dropped his pants and fondled himself.

The court heard the strange behaviour - which occurred about 12.15am on the corner of Brisbane St and Clay St - was captured on the city's CCTV cameras.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Brad Dick said Brown was extremely intoxicated when police showed up a short time later.

"He had to be handcuffed," Snr Const Dick said.

"He was given a pat down search and twisted his body - he would not keep still and had to be restrained."

Brown, of Leichhardt, pleaded guilty to charges of wilful exposure and committing an indecent act, along with obstructing police.

The court heard Brown had other public nuisance offences on his history.

Defence lawyer Greg Ploetz said his client was extremely embarrassed by the "episode."

"He had been drinking most of the day," Mr Ploetz said.

"He was with friends at the time and it is unfortunate that none of them saw fit to stop him from behaving this way."

Mr Ploetz asked that Brown, 22, not have a conviction recorded against his name for the offences, as he was looking for work in the mines.

However Magistrate Donna MacCallum said Brown's behaviour was offensive enough to warrant the recording of a conviction. Brown was fined $450.