Bad news for Landry if bookies are right on Capricornia

THE late bets are coming for Capricornia MP Michelle Landry to make history and retain the seat with less than a week before the federal election.

The latest Newspoll might be predicting Capricornia to go to Labor on a 3.6% swing but yesterday recent Sportsbet figures show punters are backing in Landry as her odds tighten to $2.25 with Leisa Neaton drifting from $1.15 to $1.60.

Bookies favour Labor to win with a 3.6% swing. More odds page 7.

Sportsbet's Ben Bulmer said 47% of punters had now backed Landry to hold the seat of Capricornia - which is the most popular Queensland seat for the site's punters.

"Michelle Landry was priced at a long $5 to win the seat of Capricornia on June 14, with Labor's Leisa Neaton the short $1.15 favourite," Mr Bulmer said.

"At that stage the majority of punters were backing Neaton for the win. Since June 14, seven in 10 punters have backed Michelle Landry to win the seat, which has seen her odds shorten into $2.25, while Lisa Neaton has drifted out to $1.60.

"Sportsbet continues to take a steady flow of bets on the seat, with the majority between $5 and $100. The biggest bet on Ms Landry has been $300, while the biggest bet on Ms Neaton has been $6,000 which was taken at the start of the campaign."

Labor candidate for the Capricornia seat Leisa Neaton said she couldn't comment on the reasons why her opponent's odds had shortened but that it was normal for people to be thinking about each party's policies this close to the election.

"I personally have never looked at the online bets at all so I wouldn't know the figures," Ms Neaton said.

"But I think it would be uncommon for people not to be thinking about the election at this time. I think people will make the decision on what's right for their families and their family's future. I'm hoping everyone will make their vote count."

Neaton has won Labor Party pre-selection for the federal seat of Capricornia. Lisa Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Leisa Neaton. Chris Ison

The Labor candidate said she didn't think Landry's momentum had much to do with Ms Neaton not backing the Rookwood Weir project with any funding promises

"I spend hours on the phone to people every week and the weir has been mentioned to me probably two times throughout the whole 12 month campaign," Ms Neaton said.

"That doesn't mean that I don't think it's important but the things people continually raise are jobs, health and education. We do need to be thinking about jobs but I don't trust the announcement that's been made by the LNP in regards to the weirs, we still have a business case to prove. The business case for the Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project, which is a priority for the Palaszczuk Government and includes both the Rookwood and Eden Bann Weirs, needs to be completed before commitment to construction.

"Various other approvals also need to be obtained and it is not possible to shortcut or intervene in this process or to escalate them due to an election. I feel confident that Labor would support that business case if it stacks up."

But Ms Landry, who is striving to be the first LNP MP to retain Capricornia, thinks the recent climb could be to do with people wanting jobs in the region.

Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has supported a move to allow people to access legally manufactured medical cannabis products.
Michelle Landry. Chris Ison Rokcriverbank

"I don't follow the online bets and what happens on the day of the election is obviously the most important thing," Ms Landry said.

"I think the most important issue in this electorate is jobs and job security so every announcement I've made is about infrastructure to build jobs including the weir projects but the Labour party just aren't supporting these projects.

"We're down to the pointy end now and I hope I'm given the honour to be re-elected again as I have a lot of jobs I want to finish off."

Capricornia is one of the five most marginal seats in Australia and a number of news polls suggest it will change hands this Saturday.