UNACCEPTABLE: Jeff Addison from Sunshine Coast Rail Back on Track.
UNACCEPTABLE: Jeff Addison from Sunshine Coast Rail Back on Track. Warren Lynam

Off the rails: 'Misleading' train info strands passengers

CHILDREN and the elderly were among those left stranded at multiple Sunshine Coast train stations in a "misleading glitch" that has angered a local rail lobby group.

Passengers waited for rail replacement buses that never came at Pomona, Traveston and Cooran stations at the weekend after official signs failed to include information that those stations would be skipped.

RAIL Back on Track spokesperson Jeffrey Addison said the lack of communication destroyed what "little confidence" was left in Coast public transport.

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"People are waiting there stranded for hours... all passengers matter whether it's one at a small station or 50 at a busy one," he said.

The official Queensland Rail signs at the three by-passed stations didn't include that passengers needed to call TransLink to pre-book a bus.

A passenger subsequently reported the signs were "misleading", saying the expectation was created that buses would call at the stations.

"Locals have been forced to put up their own signs referring people to the TransLink hotline," the passenger said.

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While Mr Addison admitted the stations had low-patronage, he said safety should be a priority.

Last year, all three stations recorded a passenger intake of 2010 people combined.

Nearby station, Yandina was still serviced and recorded 645 passengers last year. More than 485,000 people used the outer Sunshine Coast lines in the same period.

"All passengers matter and all people matter... there could have been a child waiting for a bus there," Mr Addison said.

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While he appreciated most stations were being serviced, he said communication was letting down public transport on the Coast.

"Transport is already bad enough to deter more people in future from taking the train," he said.

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Mr Addison said passengers who relied on the Gympie North train had been suffering for years and most "abandoned ship" after unreliable services.

"It would have been good if all attempts were made to look after them with better information and service during the track closures at least," he said.

"The Sunshine Coast needs to be treated a lot better than what is presently being dished out by our transport authorities."

A TransLink spokesperson said track closure signs asked customers to call the hotline, saying they were posted at the stations and online last month.

They said no negative feedback had been reported to them by passengers impacted by the closures and TransLink was trialling new routes to make travel easier.