Carolyn and Doug Greensill with the Boar replica that will go in the new Kandanga pub.  Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times
Carolyn and Doug Greensill with the Boar replica that will go in the new Kandanga pub. Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times Renee Albrecht

Old Kandanga Hotel immortalised in Boar film

THE Kandanga Hotel may have burned to the ground last December, but it will return to life on the silver screen when locally-shot film Boar premieres this year.

Director Chris Sun presented Kandanga Hotel owners Doug and Carolyn Greensill with the early model of the film's boar, in thanks for offering the Kandanga Hotel as a movie set last year.

The porcine villain now lives at the temporary pub set up in the old hotel's storage shed, and will be put on display when the new hotel is rebuilt.

"I was always doing up the maquette to donate to the town of Kandanga or the pub where we shot the film," Mr Sun said.

"I guess it's my way of saying thank you to the town."

It took months for the boar to collect signatures from the main cast during their staggered filming schedules.

In that time, an electrical fault sparked an inferno that destroyed the iconic pub, which was also the Greensills' home.

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Mrs Greensill said she was glad the boar's signing took so long.

"Lucky he didn't give it to us straight away, or it would have been destroyed," Mrs Greensill said.

Mr Sun suffered his own heartbreak earlier this year with the death of his investor and close friend Debbie Rivers, who had planned to present the boar to the Greensills with him.

"My investor, who was also in the pub scenes as well, passed away, and it's something we wanted to do together, to give them this pig," Mr Sun said.

"They're wonderful people."

But this month he finally decided the "time was right", and drove to Kandanga with his partner Chrissy Hulsby to present the gift.

It will make for a poetic ending to the heartbreak and drama that the Greensills have suffered since the hotel burned.

"The original pub will live on in the picture, but now they'll have part of the film, so to speak, inside the new pub when it's all done," Mr Sun said.

"The pub's going to live on forever in the film.

"We've got beautiful shots of the pub."

Kandanga locals will even make an appearance on the big screen as extras in the film.

"I believe 90 per cent of the extras in all the scenes inside and around the town are all actual locals," Mr Sun said.

"I didn't want to use actors, I wanted to use the real townspeople.

"It was really important to me to show not only the pub, but the town of Kandanga and all the people out there.

"The town of Kandanga, they were so supportive of the picture."

Mrs Greensill said all the celebrity actors were polite and gracious, and John Jarratt even complimented the hotel's food.

"We couldn't have faulted any of them," Mrs Greensill said.

Boar is set to premiere in October at the Maroochydore Event Cinemas.

Mr Sun had previously planned to premiere the film at the Gympie Cinemas, but decided the theatre was too small to accommodate the audience.