Wests’ batsman Graeme Bembrick prepares for a ball from Colts bowler Chris Hughes.
Wests’ batsman Graeme Bembrick prepares for a ball from Colts bowler Chris Hughes. Contributed

One-dayer does little for Wests

THE switch from two-day matches to the one-day format in the Sunshine Mitre 10 A-grade Cricket League was not so kind to Wests, who couldn't get it together in the batting or the bowling departments last Saturday.

However, Wests captain Brett Long is confident his side will up the ante and find their groove as the season goes on.

At the end of their 40 overs, Wests saw themselves on 8 for 149, despite a solid 37 runs compiled by young gun Josh Heck.

Rowan Bartley was run out but not before clocking up 32 for Wests. However that's as heated as the batting momentum got for the side.

The pair partnered up at 3-60 and proved the best combination of the side, boosting the side's tally by 61 runs.

Colts' captain Travis Chandler helped keep Wests steady by claiming 3-27.

Colts easily chewed up the necessary 150-run deficit needed to win the match, losing only three wickets in the process of reaching 156 runs.

The bulk of the work was done by Andy Batten and Anthony Smerdon, each making 38, Scott Hughes making 42.

Both sides, however, clocked up a considerable sundries total, with 29 going towards Wests total and 19 towards Colts' end score. Long said while Wests "got thumped" on the weekend, it's the usual fashion for the side to hold off from their best before Christmas.

He said Wests has also been struggling to field a consistent team every week, with younger players having university commitments and others away for work.

Long said while Christmas was still a long way off, there was still plenty of hope for Wests to make a strong impact later in the season.


Colts vs Wests

Wests 1st innings

J Stickler lbw T Chandler - 8

G Bembrick c A Batten b T Chandler - 18

R Bartley run out - 32

N McKean c A Batten b J Chandler - 2

J Heck c C Hughes b J Waugh - 37

P Bambling not out - 14

G Wellor run out - 0

C Morrison b J Waugh - 0

T Doyle b T Chandler - 1

M Skinner not out - 8

Sundries: 29

TOTAL: 149

FOW: 38; 51; 60; 121; 121; 132; 132; 134

Bowling: C Hughes 0-31; R Gotke 0-24; T Chandler 3-27; J Chander 1-17; N McFarlane 0-16; J Waugh 2-21; A Batten 0-8.

Colts 1st innings

J Waugh c C Morrison b R Bartley - 11

A Smerdon lbw J Heck - 38

M Carlton c b J Heck - 8

A Batten not out - 38

S Hughes not out - 42

Sundries: 19

TOTAL: 156

FOW: 57; 57; 75

Bowling: B Long 0-42; C Morrison 0-21; R Bartley 1-29; J Heck 2-33; G Bembrick 0-14

Colts won by 7 runs.

Standings will feature in an upcoming edition of The Gympie Times