Elise Cottam has been disendorsed by One Nation in Callide.
Elise Cottam has been disendorsed by One Nation in Callide.

One Nation dumps its Callide candidate

ONE NATION has disendorsed Callide candidate Elise Cottam for not paying campaign fees on time.

One Nation campaign director Michael Pucci said in a statement on Friday Ms Cottam had agreed to pay the fee when she was endorsed and had been given ample time to comply with the requirement.

"Unfortunately Ms Cottam chose to not comply with the requirements for documentation and fees she had previously agreed upon; therefore Pauline Hanson's One Nation Queensland State Executive has removed the parties endorsement for Ms Cottam to stand as PHON candidate,' he said in a statement.

"The party believes in giving everyone a fair go; however, when one does not live up to the standards set and they choose not to follow through on agreements made, the party cannot just stand by and let it happen.”

Ms Cottam said while she was disappointed for the people in the Callide electorate, she harboured no grudge against One Nation.

"I'm not upset at all, I'm very disappointed in the process, but I'm definitely not upset,” she said.

"I'm disappointed for the people looking forward to me running.

"It doesn't faze me whether the party wants me or not.

"I wasn't in it for the party I was in it for the people.”

Ms Cottam said she had not really thought about whether she would run as an independent.

"I could still run as an independent, but at this point I'm just out,” she said.

"I'm regrouping and thinking hard about what to do next.

"Family comes first before politics.”

Ms Cottam said she thought it was unfair candidates had to pay $2400 before an election had even been called.

"It might not be called until March next year,” she said.

"We are only in February, the idea putting signs out now, I don't agree with.”

"That's the way I would like to see the electorate of Callide go, people looking after their families first.”

Ms Cottam is the fourth candidate to be stood down or axed since the party unveiled its candidates in December.