One thing Albo won’t change about Labor

ANTHONY Albanese will draw a line in the sand under Labor's disastrous election result and begin delivering a positive vision for the country after an internal probe into the campaign is completed.

The Opposition Leader said he expected the review would be handed to the national executive next month, paving the way for him to begin delivering a raft of vision statements for Australia.

But he is likely to move more slowly on actual policies, saying Labor had to recognise the 2022 election campaign "is not won this year".

The first vision statement is expected to be on jobs and the future of work, followed by a speech on the economy.


Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese


"There'll be other major statements on the range of policies going forward, between now and the May Budget, and then we'll set about 2020; adopting a range of policies, specific policies, that are costed going forward," he said.

Speaking in Brisbane, Mr Albanese said the election campaign review had involved reassessing policies but not Labor values, which were "eternal".

His comments followed his predecessor Bill Shorten's admission at the weekend that he had failed to read the mood in Queensland before the election.

Mr Albanese said turning around Labor's vote in Queensland would be key to the party's chances at the 2022 election.

"We need to turn around Labor's vote here in Queensland, and do much better at the next election, so I intend to spend as much time as I can here in this great state," he said.