One drink has cost a 29 year firefighter his licence.
One drink has cost a 29 year firefighter his licence. Keagan Elder

One toast leaves man without a licence

"AN ABERRATION” was the only way a Glastonbury man could describe the DUI which led to a loss of licence and fine after spending his career responding to emergencies.

A firefighter for 29 years, Kenneth Aycock Wright, 55, said he had not eaten all day after spending most of the October 30 working on his property.

Returning to his house to find family and friends wanting to toast before they left, Wright was given what he thought was a standard glass of red - but was instead fortified wine.

Jumping into his car shortly after, Wright's clean history was marred when he was breathalysed by police, registering .062.

Accepting his guilty plea, Magistrate M Baldwin described Wright's situation as "one of the most unfortunate cases she had ever seen”.

Before disqualifying him for a month and fining him $350, Ms Baldwin asked the gallery to raise their hands if they were also pleading guilty to DUI and, when several did, she pleaded for them to consider how alcohol slowed reactions while driving and impacted their ability to stop safely.