The final report on the black-throated finch has been kept secret.
The final report on the black-throated finch has been kept secret.

Key Adani report being kept a State secret

THE Palaszczuk Government's credibility in the resources sector was in tatters this morning after it refused to release the final report on the black-throated finch management plan.

Adani suggested the cover up was because the report contained errors.

In a written statement a spokesman for the Department of Environment and Science confirmed the vital document would be stay secret.

The endangered black-throated finch, subject of a secret report.
The endangered black-throated finch, subject of a secret report.


"The Black-throated Finch Management Plan review documentation will only be provided to persons whose comment or input is necessary for the department to fulfil its obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1994," it read.

"As such, the BTFMP Final Review report will not be released publicly while it is being considered by the environmental regulator."

Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch would not overturn the news blackout saying the matter was now in the hands of an independent government regulator.

As controversy mounts it appears the State Government is attempting to wash its hands of the report.

The report secrecy bid has inflamed the resources sector and annoyed seasoned journalists who point out that Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promised to release the report in full when quizzed by reporters in Townsville during the visit there with Opposition leader Bill Shorten earlier this month.

Confusion reigns. A Sky News reporter who also requested a copy from the Premier's department was told it would not be released because it was only a draft.

This was at odds with a statement I got from the department which referred to it as the final report.

The review was conducted by a group stacked with anti-coal activists.


It came even though Adani has already won approvals from the State and Federal Governments for its environmental management plan.

Adani executives who have seen the report said the review panel wrongly suggested the finch may become extinct if the mine goes ahead.

"This conclusion is not consistent with the science relied on by both the state and federal governments, who concluded the project would not have a significant impact on the on the extinction of the blue-throated finch," said a source.

They gave the environmental plan a tick. And it survived a court challenge by activists.

Adani proposes a 33,000 ha conservation zone to protect the bird. It plans to eradicate feral cats that feed on the birds and remove feral pigs that degrade the bird's habitat. The Adani conservation plan also provides a permanent water supply for the finch and a bushfire protection plan. These were not discussed in any detail in the group's final report.

The mine is opposed by green activists around Australia.