OPINION: Meet a Muslim, share a barbie

HAVE you ever spoken to a Muslim? Met a refugee?

Many of us haven't.

I hadn't, really, until becoming involved with a refugee group last year.

But I do think ignorance can breed fears or cast doubts and it is better if you inform yourself about people and religion before forming any sort of judgement.

And so yesterday I had a meeting with representatives of the Northern Rivers Muslim Association and Remembering the Healing.

We literally sat down (on the floor) and had a really nice chat about an upcoming event they are promoting Saturday week (February 20).

They will be holding a halal and tofu barbecue for the community of the Northern Rivers.

It's simply a chance to get together, talk and get to know one another.

Food is a great way of breaking the ice and what better way to woo an Aussie than to invite them to a barbecue.

The meat and tofu part of the barbie will be provided.

All you have to do is to bring a salad or dessert to share.

With the ongoing kerfuffle around a group of refugees, including babies, being sent back to offshore detention, what better way to show a bit of compassion than by turning up?

At least you could inform yourself about the issue, and getting to know someone is part of the bargain.

The halal and tofu barbecue will be held at Lismore Heritage Park, Molesworth Street on February 20 from noon.