The NBN has been a hot topic in the region.
The NBN has been a hot topic in the region. Tobi Loftus

OPINION: NBN a disaster from the start

IN MY role working in the media, I've been asked to provide feedback on the NBN Co.

It's almost perfect timing.

My family and I moved into a new house four weeks ago and as of the time of writing (Wednesday morning) we are still waiting for the internet to be connected.

Apparently the technicians were heading around yesterday afternoon.

But I've heard that before.

I'm not sure if the bosses at NBN really want to know my thoughts about their services.

And to be honest I'm not sure I want to give them another 20 minutes (that's how long the survey is estimated to take) of my life, given that between them and Telstra they've already wasted so much of it in recent times.

They've wasted more of my poor wife's time. She has sat patiently for hours waiting for someone to speak with, often to get a person who has no understanding of the situation or willingness to find a solution.

On Tuesday, The Australian reported that, 10 years after the project started, some customers who are now on NBN are paying more for slower speeds.

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission boss Rod Sims warned NBN Co was failing to deliver on its promise of faster and affordable broadband, with consumers paying the price for NBN Co's need to increase its revenues and deliver a return on the $50 billion invested in the project by the Federal Government.


Anyway, better find that email questionairre.