Editor Shelley Strachan
Editor Shelley Strachan

OPINION: No more piecemeal politics

I HAVE joined regional daily editors from throughout Australian Regional Media and News Corp today in sending an open letter to the two men who would lead Australia, Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten.

Both men and their parties have been forewarned, we will not go away.

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Whoever wins on Saturday will be held to account for their treatment of the almost 7 million people who live outside a major capital city in this country.

All we want is a fair go for the Gympie region, and for regional Australia, which creates almost 70% of the nation's export earnings but where people die younger, earn less and end up on welfare more often.

Does that sound fair to you?

We don't want to hear any more rhetoric, though it seems to be the only language modern politicians speak.

We don't want them avoiding the tough questions and selling us recycled funding announcements.

We don't want any more piecemeal politics.

As our letter warns, the Fair Go campaign does not end with Saturday's election. It has just started.

What we are seeking is tangible evidence that regional Australia is getting what it deserves from the federal and state purses; that the taxes taken from our regions will be spent in our regions.