A brutal fight filmed at Gympie State High School
A brutal fight filmed at Gympie State High School Contributed

Opinion on Gympie school bullying leaves writer gob-smacked

Right or wrong?

YOUR correspondent A. L. Haack refers to a reported school-yard spat and asks the question: "How does one define right from wrong?”

To put it bluntly, I am gob-smacked by Mr Haack's view of the world.

Actually, we have moved on a long way from when we thought we could settle an argument with physical violence.

I am happy to be living in a country that is not governed by a fictional character.

Unfortunately, there will always be those among us who claim to be on the high moral ground just because they believe.

John Allen,


Power and communications fatigue

WE'RE moving house again for the third time in the past few years and once again are going through the same old same old with the power and telecommunications outfits.

As before, after spending hours waiting on the phone we were able to ask someone overseas that our communications and power systems and accounts be transferred from residence A to residence B.

Given the language difficulties involved it's perhaps somewhat understandable that there could be some minor hiccups in the processes but we were reasonably hopeful that we might sneak through unscathed this time; third time lucky perhaps. Nope.

After receiving half a dozen confirmatory and congratulatory emails from the power company, they've just sent us one saying our direct debit account which is in credit has been cancelled and we now owe them money. But....but...

We're now waiting on the result of torturous negotiations with the comms outfit, during which, out of frustration and fatigue, we answered 'yes' to everything put to us even though we didn't understand a word of it.

Fingers crossed but not confident of a good outcome.

Is it just me or is everything FUBAR?

Bob Faulkner,


Royal Commission must be welcomed by all

ENDEAVOUR Foundation strongly supports a Royal Commission to investigate violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability in institutional settings.

Born of a desire to meet the needs and advance the human rights of people with a disability, we believe that all support organisations must welcome the spotlight a Royal Commission would shine into the disability sector.

It is only by exposing experiences of abuse, neglect and exploitation to the light of day, that we can identify and root out the causes, ensuring people with a disability can live free of mistreatment and harm.

A Royal Commission must also provide access for all people with disability, including people with intellectual disability.

For too long the people most at risk of abuse have been denied a voice in the justice system. Special witness provisions must be adopted to assist people with intellectual disability to speak out.

I also urge the Government to ensure thorough public consultation on the terms of reference, so that people with a disability can guide the Royal Commission to investigate the areas of greatest concern to them.

I welcome every effort to ensure people living with disability can live free of abuse.

Endeavour Foundation calls on all Australians to do the same.

Andrew Donne,

CEO, Endeavour Foundation

BHP used to be the big Australian. Not anymore.

80 Australian workers were sacked by BHP via email last month while they were at sea.

The Australian Red Ensign on their ship was replaced by a Flag of Convenience, which allowed the Australia Crew to be replaced with a crew from another country.

This is the latest chapter in the steady decline of our once-proud Australian Shipping Industry.

As an island nation, shipping is something we rely upon in many aspects of our day-to-to life.

BHP should reverse its decision if it ever wants to be called a Big Australian again.

Stephen Jones,

Shadow Minister for Regional Services