APPALLING OURBURST: US President Donald J. Trump.

OPINION: Trump's mental condition in question

IN THE wake of the tragedy in Christchurch, Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister set a shining example of leadership.

Scott Morrison, Australia's prime minister since August 24, has acted with a calm and logical approach.

Regardless of the outcome of the looming federal election Mr Morrison has carried out his prime ministerial role successfully and with dignity.

Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany for 13 years, is also respected and admired across the world for outstanding leadership and the example she sets for her nation.

These three people know how to conduct themselves both at home and internationally.

The most influential and powerful nation in the Western world is the US.

Unfortunately this nation's leader Donald Trump has trashed his own presidency, and the office of the US president, and is behaving more like Basil Fawlty than the leader of the free world.

Comedy icon Fawlty can be described as a misanthropic, pessimistic, snobbish man whose main aspiration is to become a member of more respectable social circles.

His job in the show as the proprietor of a hotel frequently requires him to be pleasant to people he despises, something he struggles with severely.

In Lima, Ohio, last Wednesday president Trump was at a tank factory that has employed more staff and is making tanks for the US military.

Instead of promoting the increase in US military spending and its impact on jobs growth in the US regions, Trump launched an extraordinary attack on former US senator John McCain who died in 2018.


McCain was a republican congressman from 1983 to 1987 before being being a member of the US senate from 1987 to 2018.

McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam and broke both his arms and a leg in breaking out of his navy plane that was hit by a missile.

Taken prisoner, he was denied medical treatment and was subjected to torture. On his retirement form the navy in 1981 he entered politics.

His naval honours include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the distinguished Flying Cross.

He served as chairman on several senate committees. McCain was highly respected on both sides of politics and indeed around the world.

As appalling as this outburst towards the late McCain was, Trump then descended into a farcial twitter row with George Conway, husband of White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway.

Among other things Trump called George Conway a "stone cold loser" and "husband from hell".

He also raged at Fox News hosts and Saturday Night Live entertainers.

George Conway meanwhile has accused Trump of having a narcissistic personality disorder and suggested that all Americans should be thinking seriously now about Trump's mental condition and psychological state.

Kellyanne Conway meantime has defended Donald Trump.

Breakfast must be fun in the Conway household.

On March 22, special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on the investigation into potential Russian involvement in the presidential election.

While the initial outcome appears to be favourable for Trump, only time will tell what the fallout from this will be.

No wonder Mr Trump has been a bit edgy.