OPINION: Why I adore Meghan Markle

Fraser Coast Chronicle journalist Annie Perets.
Fraser Coast Chronicle journalist Annie Perets. Contributed

SHE'S the newest member of the Royal family with the world in her hands but for me, Meghan Markle was impressive long before she became a Duchess.  

Her story is a reminder to never give up - not in the pursuit of a prince but in life.  

She has had to put in the hard yards, test her trust in the universe and overcome discrimination to achieve all she has.   

Meghan has been an inspiration to me ever since the Suits craze.  

Her genuinely impressive acting skills and incredible fashion sense aside, there was no magic potion or corner- cutting in her journey to success.   

At a time when it can be disheartening to see 12-year-olds achieving bigger things than us, it's comforting to know Meghan's big break didn't come along until just before her 30th birthday.  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are referred to by their bodyguards who use code names for the royal couple. Picture: John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Her small roles from the age of 21 even included a stint as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal.   

Off-screen, Meghan has spoken about the challenges of being of mixed race in an industry obsessed with stereotypes.  

Her story of overcoming adversity is a reminder that good things take time and hard work.   

I'll be among the royal fans hoping to get a glimpse of her when she and Prince Harry visit our region next month.