Origin loss baffling

I'VE never been one to just blame the referees when my team loses, but the officiating in Wednesday night's State of Origin was baffling.

Apart from the fact that 90% of New South Wales's tackles would've been penalised in a regular NRL game for slowing the play-the-ball, and when Queensland "kicked out on the full" Aaron Woods touched the ball and it bounced in, I'm adamant Sam Thaiday scored that try.

Yes, the ball was knocked out of his hand as he was going to score, but I'm certain he regathered just before it hit the ground, and planted it on the tryline.

With the Maroons up 4-0 at the time, the try surely would've given Queensland the momentum to go on to win the match.

On another note, Phil Gould honestly needs to be sacked. If you can't be professional and talk like a commentator not a coach, then get out of the commentary box.