Maryborough Correctional Centre - General Manager Louise Kneeshaw.
Maryborough Correctional Centre - General Manager Louise Kneeshaw. Valerie Horton

OUR SAY: So good to see women succeeding in all industries

LAST week we celebrated International Women's Day and I was privileged to attend Zonta's event in Maryborough and hear Louise Kneeshaw speak about her career.

It made me understand more fully how challenging it is for women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated industries and how much determination it takes.

In addition I got to chat with Bri Sengstock, an apprentice electrician at MSF Sugar.

She was one of 50 to study Certificate II in Electrotechnology during her time at Aldridge High School - but she was the only girl in the class.

I hope her story will inspire other girls to take on a trade if that's what they are passionate about.

I don't think any woman should be discouraged if they are trying to pave their way in an area where men have traditionally been employed.

Speaking with MSF Sugar representatives, it has been clear they are proud of Bri and the diversity she brings to the business.

It was great to hear Louise give a speech at the Brolga Theatre.

It was humorous, honest and gave great insight into the challenges she faced as a woman in what was very much a man's world.

Equality is winning and it's wonderful to see.

A tweet from Queensland Corrective Services last week shared the brilliant news that women made up 44 per cent of its workforce.

At a senior executive and senior officer level, 49 per cent of the positions are held by women.

A former colleague of mine used to be fond of saying "girls can do anything".

That was the incredible journalist Toni McRae, and now, more than ever, her words ring true.