The team at Downer's Maryborough factory.
The team at Downer's Maryborough factory.

OUR SAY: Win not just for M’boro factory

IT WAS a privilege to be at Downer’s 150th celebrations yesterday, which paid tribute to the long history of manufacturing in Maryborough.

Starting out as Walkers Ltd, it’s no secret that the facility has a reputation for quality and it’s something we as a community can be proud of.

Not only was I there to see the workers mark the occasion though – I was also there to see another important moment in the history of the factory.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday announced a deal to bring $300 million dollars worth of work to the factory over the next decade.

This announcement means so much.

It means a degree of certainty for the business that will allow them to invest, to makes future plans and it means job security for the factory’s workers.

It also has so many benefits for the State Government.

The debacle surrounding the New Generation Rollingstock is a prime example of what can happen when work is outsourced.

The number one thing many people say about the work done at Walkers Ltd and now Downer is the high standard of work, the quality that is produced every time.

Surely, while also being a win for the Downer factory, the State Government recognises it is a win for them as well to be able to put their faith in a business that has proven itself capable of delivering every time.

Here’s to another 150 years of good work.