Gordon went missing on Reef St.
Gordon went missing on Reef St.

Owners seek missing tabby after 12km trip under hood

GYMPIE residents are being asked to keep their eyes open for a missing white, black and ginger tabby cat named Gordon after the adventurous feline disappeared on Reef St after hitching a ride into town under the hood of the family car.

Owner Anne Quatermass said Gordon's predilection for appearing under their Corolla's bonnet is a new habit, brought about after Ms Quatermass's recent move to Calico Creek.

She said they had known about what Gordon was doing, and had taken precautions of checking under the hood before making the 12km trip into into town.

They had already scared Gordon out of the car before taking it into town today, but the tabby had somehow snuck back in undetected between their closing the bonnet and starting the engine.

"I think he thinks our vehicle will take him home,” Ms Quatermass said of why Gordon had begun hiding there.

She said her son-in-law had received the shock of his life when he opened the hood at the mechanic's and Gordon jumped out.

"It just took off.”

Gordon is around seven years old and weighs bout 6.5kg, with what Ms Quatermass described as a very long tail.

He is de-sexed and microchipped.

She asked that anyone who has seen Gordon to please contact her on 0407 579 800.

Gordon, missing from Reef St in Gympie.
Gordon, missing from Reef St in Gympie.