The 47 reasons this P-Plater is 'not fit to hold a licence'

A TEEN who lost his provisional licence also lost a special hardship order application so he could drive to work.

It was refused on the basis of the high number of driving offences he accumulated in a short period.

That deciding factor was strongly pointed out to the 18-year-old driver by Ipswich Magistrate Andy Cridland.

Rhiley Kuhrt, from Mt Walker, appeared before Ipswich Magistrates Court this week.

Mr Cridland told Kuhrt that between September 24, 2017 and this month "you accumulated 47 points".

"You are allowed four per-year on a Provisional licence," Mr Cridland said.

"I'd like you to explain to me what possible ground I could grant you a licence. That you are fit to hold a licence."

Kuhrt remains a disqualified driver as a result of the decision.