Nigella Lawson walking to court.
Nigella Lawson walking to court. Bang ShowBiz

PA says Nigella had white powder up her nose

A FORMER personal assistant of the television chef and 'Domestic Goddess' author Nigella Lawson "frequently" found rolled-up banknotes with white powder on them in her handbag, she told a court today.

The TV cook would also swig straight from a bottle of liquid tranquilliser, Francesca Grillo told the court.

Ms Grillo, one of two former personal assistants accused of defrauding Ms Lawson, said she had seen her employer with white powder up her nose and repeatedly found banknotes with white powder in her handbags.

She also said her employer had prescription drugs for depression and that she kept one bottle in the kitchen and would take it straight from the bottle "very often".

The alleged drug-taking turned Ms Lawson from being kind and warm-hearted to "grumpy, moody and blaming the children", the jury heard.

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