Palaszczuk: We've handled cyclones, we can handle quakes

QUEENSLANDERS have no reason to be shaking in their boots, according to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who said the state is prepared for the consequences of a devastating tremor.

She said in the same way the state responds to the impact of cyclones, it would respond to any damage caused by an earthquake.

Her comments follow two earthquakes on Thursday (5.3 magnitude) and Friday (5.7 magnitude), which although powerful, did not inflict widespread damage.

Both quakes hit off the coast, lessening their impact.

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Ms Palaszczuk said if Queensland was to be hit by a major and devastating quake akin to the Newcastle tremor that killed 13 almost 30 years ago, the government was prepared to respond.

"I am very confident that all of the agencies do have contingency plans in place," she told Brisbane Times.

Ms Palazczuk told the Fairfax site she was "just as surprised as everyone else" to learn about the two earthquakes striking off the Queensland coast.