Police arrest a man at the scene.
Police arrest a man at the scene. Zizi Averill

Passenger chaos leads to arrest at train station

FRUSTRATIONS turned to anger as commuters were told the train lines were closed at Mackay Railway Station yesterday afternoon.

A Queensland Police spokesman said crews were called to a disturbance after two men allegedly began yelling.

Witnesses say the alleged fight began after passengers were told by QR staff that the train lines to Townsville had been closed due to flooding.

Passengers said the man began demanding a refund for his 10 hour trip from Brisbane. An unnamed passenger said the man had paid $400 for his bus ticket and was clearly frustrated about the commuter chaos.

A commuter from Brisbane, Bill, who preferred not to give his last name, was travelling to Townsville to meet his two day old granddaughter .

Bill said everyone on-board had been in limbo since 12am.

At Rockhampton they slept in carriages on the Spirit of Queensland, before being transferred to buses.

After travelling for four hours by bus, they arrived in Mackay only to be told they would have to return to Brisbane.

The QPS spokesman said the arrested man may be charged with public nuisance.