Several key Capras players to stay as passports not renewed

THE oval ball will still fly a-field with a strong Capras side this weekend, but some important baggage will be left behind when the Rockhampton rugby league squad heads to Papua New Guinea tomorrow.

Several key players will keep their feet firmly planted on Rocky soil, as their teammates head to PNG, because they haven't renewed their passports.

It means they will miss out on their inaugural Queensland Intrust Super Cup match against the mighty PNG Hunters on the latter's home turf.

It's a minor blow for the side, according to a frustrated Capras coach Jason Hetherington.

He said the players who won't be boarding have given reserve players Sam Madden, Bobby Nona, Grant Rogers and Liam Pickersgill a chance to fill their boots.

"It is a little bit frustrating because the following week we have a bye, so these guys who aren't coming will have to wait out for about three weeks until they get another run," he said.

"We might have to look at giving them a run in the local league."

Hetherington said the players were advised in November last year of possible games abroad.

"We are looking forward to giving these other boys a run... we are still taking a strong side over."