Federal MP for Maranoa Bruce Scott
Federal MP for Maranoa Bruce Scott Contributed

Pay rise for new Deputy Speaker after Peter Slipper resigns

FEDERAL Member for Maranoa and new Parliamentary Deputy Speaker Bruce Scott will receive a $13,500 pay rise after former speaker Peter Slipper's resignation on Tuesday night.

Mr Scott, as Second Deputy Speaker, was earning $215,321 a year, a 13% bonus on top of the base MP package of $190,000.

He will now take home a 7% pay rise on top of his previous package, after being elected to the number two role in the House of Representatives.

Mr Scott, described by Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a "gentleman politician", is held in high esteem by members on both sides of the house.

His promotion comes as previous deputy Anna Burke was voted into the coveted Speaker's role after Mr Slipper's tearful farewell speech.

Mr Scott said the promotion would not affect the work he puts in representing his constituency, the largest land area of any federal seat in Queensland.

He said he would be supporting Ms Burke in her role in parliament, and together they would be leading the parliament by example in an effort to return the chamber to a position of respect and integrity.

In his 22 years as a federal parliamentarian, Mr Scott said he had not worked in a more difficult environment than the current hung parliament.

"It has been a very controversial parliament, and we have been operating in perhaps much more difficult circumstances than any other parliament I have been a part of," he said.

"But I will retain my deliberate vote in the Coalition party room, and will continue to be the voice of the people in my electorate."

Mr Scott, who has renominated for the next election, emphasised he was "fit and healthy", and would be keeping up his hectic workload in Maranoa.