Matt Moylan admits to feeling ‘shocked’ at the nature of his Cronulla exit
Matt Moylan admits to feeling ‘shocked’ at the nature of his Cronulla exit

Moylan ‘shocked’ at nature of Penrith exit

MATT Moylan has revealed he was 'shocked' at how his time at the Panthers came to an end.

A local Penrith junior, Moylan was touted as the future of the club and the type of player you build a team around.

With rumours persisting about the state of his relationship with coach Anthony Griffin, Moylan was granted leave from the game to sort through 'personal issues' in September last year.

At the time Penrith released a statement confirming the break but insisted both the club and the player were committed to seeing out his deal.

By early November he had signed with the Sharks.

He says he was a little blindsided by how his switch to Cronulla came to fruition, revealing he found out he was no longer wanted after reading media reports.

"I was pretty surprised by it as well. It all sort of happened pretty quick from when I found out to when I signed here. It all happened within a couple of days,"he said.

"I think I found out the same day that it was in the media. I was probably a bit shocked by it. I found out a bit before everyone else but it was still the same day [it came out in the media]."

The 26-year old admits he never imagined he would leave the Panthers but says his controversial exist was the right move.

Moylan admits the Cronulla move was ‘for the best’
Moylan admits the Cronulla move was ‘for the best’

"I grew up out there and to be honest I never thought that it would ever come to a stage that I would leave but I guess that's footy and as I've said I've moved on,"he said.

Moylan says leaving Penrith will help take his game to a new level and that the systems set up by coach Shane Flanagan and his approach to training can help him achieve that.

'To develop as a player and try to play the footy that I wanted too... I think it was probably best for me to move on and have a new challenge a new outlook at a different club,"he said.

"It feels a bit more relaxed... It's really professional as well with everything we are doing, really game simulated with a lot of the stuff we are doing.'

Moylan's biggest challenge will be pulling the strings of Cronulla's attack this year, a part of their game that lacked in 2017.

Moylan’s NRL club debut with the Sharks is highly anticipated in round one
Moylan’s NRL club debut with the Sharks is highly anticipated in round one

In their premiership winning season of 2016, the Sharks scored 99 tries and made 83 try assists. But those numbers dropped significantly last year to 77 tries and only 58 try assists.

Flanagan has given Moylan a license to throw away structure and inject himself into the game to exploit any attacking chances.

"If I get an opportunity to play some footy then Flanno is okay for us to take that chance,"he said.

He does concede he is still learning the ropes at five-eighth having only played eight games there for Penrith and that his combination with new halves partner Chad Townsend is still a work in progress.



"The main challenge is how each other likes to play and making sure we are fitting in well with the team which has been really good," Moylan said.

"I think they way Chad plays, he plays on the ball a lot and it gives me a bit of freedom to roam around both sides of the field.

"I enjoy that and he takes a lot of the structured stuff and I think that's been working for us so far."