Tom Grady says the weekend’s rainfall is a “Godsend” for the drought-stricken region.
Tom Grady says the weekend’s rainfall is a “Godsend” for the drought-stricken region.

‘Perfect’ Gympie rains arrive in nick of time

A WET weekend dropped good news on Gympie, ending a four month fire ban and bringing relief to farmers struggling to survive in the drought.

The biggest downpour was at Dagun Pocket where 116mm fell over the past three days bringing its total for last week to 142mm.

Tin Can Bay unofficially had the next highest; there is no official Bureau of Meteorology measurement but residents reported falls of more than 100mm at the coastal town.

Joanne Scott enjoys the wet weather.
Joanne Scott enjoys the wet weather.

The next highest official rainfall landed at Imbil (98.4mm since Friday), and 97mm dropped at Boreen Point.

Kenilworth and Moy Pocket also received 50-60mm in that time.


Gympie city’s totals for the weekend only reached 34mm, but it did push the week’s rainfall results to 54mm.

Farm supply businessman Tom Grady said the rainfall was divine.

“It’s been a Godsend,” he said.

“Not nearly enough, but it’s a start.

John Cotter
John Cotter

“It was getting absolutely desperate.”

He said the rainfall was “perfect”, having arrived without a severe storm or washing soil down the river.

And its effect was clear with customers’ outlooks improved since the skies opened up.

Kinbombi farmer John Cotter agreed the falls were “a hell of a relief”, but another 20 inches was needed over the next three months.

“We’ve got to get water to recharge the underground,” Mr Cotter said.

Other wise the heat – with temperatures expected to hit 36C-37C every day this week – will “suck it straight back up”.

MP and farmer Tony Perrett agreed.

Gympie MP Tony Perrett
Gympie MP Tony Perrett

“We need at least average or above average rainfall over the next three months (before winter),” Mr Perrett said.

But it was still a good break for the region.

“While it doesn’t rain grass or rain crops, it’s lifted peoples’ spirits,” he said.

Three-days BOM rainfall totals

Dagun Pocket: 116mm

Tin Can Bay (unofficial): 115mm

Imbil 98.4mm

Pomona: 76mm

Goomboorian: 74mm

Kenilworth: 59mm

Moy Pocket: 58mm

Fishermans Pocket: 48mm

Brooyar: 42mm

Glenwood: 36mm

Gympie 34mm

Brooweena: 31mm

Sexton: 22mm