The election battle has heated up between ONP's Chelle Dobson and LNP's Tony Perrett.
The election battle has heated up between ONP's Chelle Dobson and LNP's Tony Perrett. Contributed

Perrett calls on Dobson to 'defy party politics'

THE fight for Gympie has heated up between the LNP and One Nation, with ONP candidate Chelle Dobson refusing LNP candidate Tony Perrett's call to "defy party politics” and reissue her how-to-vote cards.

The cards currently preference Labor ahead of the LNP, an order dictated by the One Nation Party's decision to put sitting members of all electorates last.

Mr Perrett said the policy meant Ms Dobson would prefer to have policies in the region she was against than an LNP representation.

"It means that she supports the radical gender fluid 'Safe Schools' education program, wants more union influence from unions like the CFMEU and ETU, supports higher electricity prices with Labor's secret tax and 50% renewable energy target, and the demonisation of law abiding primary producers and sporting shooters,” he said.

"It means she supports Labor's hardline green position of more draconian vegetation management policies which restrict freehold property rights.

"It also means she backs the same party which wrecked the Mary Valley and its communities, wasting half a billion ($500 million) on the failed Traveston dam and done under the watch of the previous One Nation, turned Independent, Member for Gympie.

"Considering that the candidate claims that she is against many of Labor's policies she should either reprint the how-to-vote cards or justify how she supports Labor policies?

"You can't have it both ways.”

He said Ms Dobson was "no novice to politics” given her background with the Australian Liberty Alliance running against Pauline Hanson, and in running for council election in Logan, and clearly knew what the preference support meant.

"It's time for the candidate to reject Labor and preference me,” he said.

"This blatant exercise in back-room deals is motivated by politics before people, not people before politics. Hiding behind the excuse that the preference allocation was out of her hands and that the faceless party hierarchy in Brisbane made her do it is a weak attempt to avoid scrutiny.

"It is time to stand up to the dictates from the Brisbane executive and put the LNP before Labor.

"Either One Nation supports Labor's wasteful spending of our taxpayers' dollars and its anti-agriculture and anti-regional policies or its reprints its Gympie how-to-vote card,” Mr Perrett said.

Ms Dobson said the cards would not be changed.

"I don't like either of the parties, they have not done a very good thing for Queensland,” she said.

"The stance for One Nation was to put the sitting member last, above the Greens, and that's what I've done.”

While she was asking her supporters to vote for her first, they were not bound to abide by the card's preferences.

"If people want to change it themselves, it's their preferences not mine,” she said.

Mr Perrett made the call on ABC radio yesterday morning, when he was the sole candidate to turn up for a forum, which then became an interview.

Ms Dobson said she pulled out of the forum because of a meeting which didn't finish until 1pm.

"I spent time in Gympie with the people, talking to them,” she said. "It's more important to talk to people here than the fellows on the radio.”