Gympie MP Tony Perrett
Gympie MP Tony Perrett Cassandra Glover

PERRETT: Commercial fishing jobs 'are under threat'

HUNDREDS of jobs are under threat thanks to the State Government's introduction of new fishing regulations, which will come into effect this month.

That's the view of LNP Shadow Minister for Fisheries Tony Perrett, who accused the State Government of being "anti-jobs and anti-fishing".

"Labor's anti-jobs, anti-regions and anti-fishing regulation changes are a disgrace and have been slammed by both commercial and recreational fishers throughout the state," Mr Perrett said.

"The Queensland Seafood Industry Association put it simply and accurately when it stated that multi-generational fishing families are being torn apart by the political agenda of this Labor Government.

"We all support a sustainable and healthy industry, but the reforms being peddled and rammed through by Labor are not based on science but petty politics.

"We have seen mud crab quota numbers restricted throughout the state despite the Queensland Fisheries website listing them as 'sustainable'.

"Generational fishing businesses and jobs are being whipped away due to Labor arbitrarily squeezing them out, by reducing their quota to unsustainable levels."

Fisheries Minister Mark Furner accused the LNP of denying science on fisheries "just like they deny the science on climate change".

"The LNP continues to deny the science that says our reforms are the best way to protect fishing jobs now and for future generations," he said yesterday.

"While the LNP denies science because they don't like what it says, we are getting on with protecting thousands of Queensland jobs that depend on sustainable fish stocks.

"The LNP is ignoring years of consultation, just as it still ignores the recommendations of its own 2014 MRAG report on fisheries reforms."