Tony Perrett
Tony Perrett Renee Albrecht

Perrett: Furner should stop lashing out and start listening

GYMPIE MP and Opposition spokesman for agriculture Tony Perrett said yesterday complaints about problems caused by Government policies in the timber and fishing industries had clearly rattled Agriculture Minister Mark Furner.

Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Minister Mark Furner said he supports the advise given to him by the Local Drought Committee.
Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Minister Mark Furner Kevin Farmer

"There could be no other explanation for his response to real life problems raised by the Private Forestry Service Queensland Executive and local commercial fishing operators (Gympie Times, July 25, 2019),” Mr Perrett said.

"The Minister just doesn't want to know.

"Instead of hitting out on timber and fishing criticism the Minister needs to listen to people.

"He needs to start listening rather than getting angry and resorting to infantile name calling.”

Mr Furner said Mr Perrett's latest comments were "simply more tales from Tony”.

"His unhinged rants are not a substitute for actual policy,” he said.

"Instead of constantly talking down these industries Mr Perrett needs to come clean on the LNP's policies. Mr Perrett voted to protect black-market fishers from inspections, but the LNP still has no Fisheries policy. The LNP still has no timber policy. The LNP has made more than $7 billion in promises but has not said what they will cut to pay for them.”

Mr Perrett said MPs throughout Queensland were being flooded with concerns from commercial and recreational fishers.

”And it is the same with the timber industry,” he said.

"These are their livelihoods which are under threat by ill-conceived changes to regulations and policies which will devastate local workers, families and our valuable fishing and forestry industries.

"They will have a detrimental effect on our local economy and the economies of many regional towns.

"I hope the Minister doesn't think the same as the Deputy Premier who said that workers should give up what they do and be retrained into other industries.

"The Minister is obviously stressed.”