Gympie's State and Federal members have criticises the Queensland ALP for ignoring the region's voters.
Gympie's State and Federal members have criticises the Queensland ALP for ignoring the region's voters. Renee Albrecht

Perrett: Gympie voters treated as 'second class citizens'

THE State Government's legacy in Gympie was nothing but "wasted years”, LNP MP Tony Perrett said yesterday in a scathing attack on the ALP in which he accused the party of ignoring voters.

The Gympie MP claimed the ALP was treating Gympie voters like "second class citizens”, and came on the back of growing concern that minor parties are getting a foothold in places like far north Queensland.

Mr Perrett said the Government had left voters in the cold.

"We have struggled with a quarter of a century of entrenched Labor governments which are focused on the issues of urban elitists,” he alleged.

"For the last 24 years out of 29, or an entire generation, state Labor governments have relied on short term planning, splashing cash, chasing votes and preferences, and appeasing inner city greenies.

"It is a legacy of wasted years of opportunities.”

Gympie voting opens early.
Voters at the Gympie polls. Renee Albrecht

He said "broad brush programs” that had no appreciation of what the region needed were a common theme; one that was tied up with an "addiction to bureaucracy and regulation”.

"Policy has been based on a blatant political agenda and purely on what delivers votes in south-east Queensland.

"They have fobbed us off with simplistic short term knee jerk programs to keep the regions quiet instead of addressing the underlying problems.

"In regional areas government services are reduced, with residents often having to travel long distances to access the same services and facilities that those in the south-east corner take for granted.”

POWER 30 - Gympie MP Tony Perrett.
POWER 30 - Gympie MP Tony Perrett. Philippe Coquerand

Alleged "inaction” in the region was a point of contention for Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien, too.

Even the region's biggest "wins” were not exempt.

"The Coalition Government's $800 million for the Cooroy to Curra Section D realignment of the Bruce Highway is ready to go but we are still waiting on the State Government to call tenders,” he said.

"This project is going to transform the future of the region, improving the safety and amenity of our community.

"I secured $5 million to replace the decrepit Coondoo Creek bridge, a state bridge on a state road that the State Government has neglected for too many years.

Llew O'Brien at the Coondoo creek on Tin Can Bay rd.
Llew O'Brien at the Coondoo Creek bridge. Renee Albrecht

"This project needs to happen as soon as possible to better connect Gympie and the Cooloola Coast.”

And there were other projects announced since the election, which had the funding and ground work boxes ticked which were now waiting for the State to step up to the plate, he said.