Nolan Meats, East Deep Creek, is Gympie's largest private employer.
Nolan Meats, East Deep Creek, is Gympie's largest private employer.

Perrett slams 'hit list' terrorising local farmers, business

THE publication of hard-working Queensland farmers' personal details by animal extremists on an online "attack map” is a disgrace and should be roundly condemned, Gympie MP and Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett said today.

The ironically-named Aussie Farms website identifies hundreds of family farms involved in livestock production and lists the personal details of farmers.

It includes Gympie dairy, pig and egg farmers, Nolan Meats and other animal production enterprises.

POWER 30 - Gympie MP Tony Perrett.
Gympie MP Tony Perrett. Philippe Coquerand

Mr Perrett has called on the state and federal governments to do everything in their power to protect Queensland farmers from the industrial sabotage, privacy breaches and trespassing encouraged by the website.

A screenshot of the interactive map.
A screenshot of the interactive map.

"This website is simply a 'hit-list' for animal activists,” Mr Perrett said.

"It enables extremists looking for their next target and encourages trespassing, biosecurity breaches and acts of industrial sabotage.

Michael, Terry and Tony Nolan  Owners of Nolan Meats in Gympie.
Michael, Terry and Tony Nolan Owners of Nolan Meats in Gympie. Renee Albrecht

"Let me be very clear - people have a right to protest, but no one is above the law.

"It is simply unacceptable that a fringe group which believes animals should not be owned by humans is trying to terrorise farmers. Their activities endanger both humans and animals.

"This has all gone too far. It's time to draw a line in the sand. Queensland farmers should not be held to ransom for a fringe animal extremist group.

Dairy cows at Cedar Pocket near Gympie.Photo Craig  Warhurst / The Gympie Times
Dairy cows at Cedar Pocket near Gympie. Craig Warhurst

"We cannot allow this militant and extreme minority to hold our hard-working farmers and Queenslanders working through the agricultural supply chain to ransom.

"If the Palaszczuk Labor Government supports farmers, it will take action and move laws that protect farmers' privacy and the rights of businesses contributing to our regional economy.

"It's time to support our farmers and hold these fringe activists to account.”

National Farmers' Federation advice: What if your property is on the map?

If your property is shown on the Farm Map there are further steps you can take to protect your privacy.

We recommend using the following 3 steps:

CHECK if your name and address features on the 'Aussie Farms' map. To view the map, go to

REQUEST directly for Aussie Farms to remove your details. For Aussie Farms' contact details, go to

COMPLAIN formally to the Australian Information Commissioner. To lodge a complaint, go to

We are hopeful that if the Commissioner receives enough complaints, action might be taken.

For a large impact PLEASE SHARE the above 3-step action plan with your network and across your social media platforms.

Importantly, if you find images or other media linked to your property that may be the result of trespassing by activists, you should promptly refer the page to the police, via Crime Stoppers.