Tony Perrett (Member for Gympie)
Tony Perrett (Member for Gympie) Frances Klein

Perrett warns landowners: more vegetation law changes coming

COMMENTS from green activists and conservation groups that indicate they want further restrictive changes to vegetation management laws should ring alarm bells for landowners throughout the state, Gympie MP Tony Perrett warned yesterday.

Mr Perrett, the Shadow Minister for Agriculture, said he had serious underlying concerns that "these activists and groups won't be appeased with this legislation".

"I am extremely concerned that already three conservation groups have let the cat of out the bag and suggested that these changes are only the start," he said.

"They will stop at nothing to get their own way and make the Labor Government dance to their tune.

"Let there be no misunderstanding they will not stop, and will push for more draconian, destructive and extensive restrictions.

"I am concerned that they will now turn their sights to PMAVs and Category X country.

"In fact it seems they already have support in the Cabinet with the Health Minister, Steven Miles, tweeting only hours after the introduction of the Bill "we've got enough votes this time,"  which was liked by the Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, and Ministers Mark Bailey and Leanne Enoch.

"To them Parliament is apparently an inconvenience that has to be endured in their goal to ram through legislation which will have devastating consequences for agricultural industries and regional and rural land owners.

"These zealots are blinded by an ideology that drives them to demonise farmers, their families and workers.

"Bunkered down in their inner city concrete jungles they have now been empowered by the Labor Government.

"The Queensland Conservation Council Co-ordinator, Dr Tim Seelig,  said that this legislation is an "important milestone" and that it was to "commence of the process" to bring clearing rates down.

"This is the same Dr Seelig who I had to pull into line two years ago when he used provocative and incendiary language saying individual landholders were being "paraded" before the parliamentary committee to "personalise the effects" of vegetation management proposals.

"He has utter contempt and disregard for the issues facing these landholders.

"The WWF has gone further saying that there was "room to improve the Bill".

"That is clearly a code for locking up more agricultural land.

"Even more concerning is that the Wilderness Society has described the changes only as "a good first step."

"It will not stop here.

"These activists will continue to employ an arsenal of stand over tactics, misrepresentation, emotive and over the top language, exaggerated data, and questionable science to push their destructive agenda," he said.