The Chinese community is in shock at the killing of Dr Zeng. Picture: AAP Image/Richard Waugh
The Chinese community is in shock at the killing of Dr Zeng. Picture: AAP Image/Richard Waugh

Teen charged over doctor shooting

A 17-year-old has been charged with the murder of Dr Luping Zeng on Brisbane's southside earlier this week in what police have described as a 'likely crime of opportunity'.

Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said the teenage male had also been charged with enter premises with intent, attempted robbery, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and possession of a firearm.

Supt Fleming said it was "likely a crime of opportunity that has escalated" and didn't believe the man knew the doctor.

Dr Zeng was shot in the chest in the garage of his home at MacGregor, on Brisbane's southside, about 11.40pm on Monday night.

MacGregor murder victim Luping Zeng, aged 56.
MacGregor murder victim Luping Zeng, aged 56.

He said police wanted to speak to two other teens, one aged 17 and the other adult, in relation to the murder.

"I have no doubt we will find them," he said.

Officers are still looking for a silver/grey Hyundai Elantra with number plate 078 YPN.

"I know that this crime has caused reasonable concern within the community and that is entirely understandable," he said.

Supt Fleming said he had no doubt the other two teens would be found by police.

"But I think for all it would be best if they made themselves known to police and tell their side of the story," he said.

Supt Fleming said the boy was known to police he could not answer if he was on bail.

"Being a juvenile I'm obviously limited in what I can say," he said.

Dept Supt Fleming said police would allege the boy was in the doctor's premises and he intended to take property within the garage "whether it was the vehicle or something else".

Police are trying to find the firearm used in the offence, he said.

When asked how a boy gets their hands on a gun Det Supt Fleming said there was a number of ways it could happen.

"Generally in the criminal circles weapons will circulate secretly," he said.

"Certainly through break and enters and stealing from other people, whether that's other criminals or legal gun owners."

While speaking generally and not about the case, he said the drug ice was problematic which was linked to violence and property crime.