MILITANT animal rights group PETA has taken out an ad calling on Christians to stop eating pork.

The ad, which was filmed in the United States, will greet readers who visit the The Catholic Weekly's website from today.

A PETA press release claims eating pork and other meats was against the teaching of Jesus Christ. 

"Jesus asked his followers to have mercy for the meekest among us - and the pigs, chickens, cows and other animals who are routinely abused on factory farms and sent to a painful and terrifying death in order to feed humans are in dire need of that mercy," the spokeswoman said.

And PETA campaigner Claire Fryer took it one step further.

"Today's factory farms are a living hell for pigs and other animals", Ms Fryer said.

"Jesus would be appalled to witness the meat, egg and dairy industries' harmful effects on animals, human health and the Earth. Easter is about rebirth, so it's the perfect time to go vegan."

As the video was filmed in the United States, pig farmers have questioned its relevancy to Australia, saying practises depicted do not reflect what happens in their operations.

Some of the practices filmed in the video, including pig castration, are illegal in Australia.