Text messages breach DV orders
Text messages breach DV orders Catherine Merritt

Phone text abusers get the message - in court

GYMPIE Magistrates Court on Monday delivered some powerful messages to people whose mobile phone texts breached domestic violence orders.

None of those involved can be identified because of a legal provision protecting the privacy of parties to domestic violence orders.

The five people before the court had each breached the no-contact provisions of orders taken out against them and in each case, the breaches involved text messages sent from mobile phones.

They included a man who sent a text urging his former partner to "do us all a favour and kill yourself" and accusing her new partner of being a "pedophile".

He was fined $800 for two breaches of an order and $300 for failing to appear in court to answer the charges.

Another case involved a man who had been living with his ex-partner for three weeks, in breach of a no-contact provision in the order against him.

That arrangement came to an end when she asked him by text message to move out and said she hated him, to which he replied, "Where's my f**g smokes?"

She showed police the text message and he was charged, then failed to appear in court.

The court was told his partner had now asked for leniency for him and regretted statements made in the heat of the moment.

The man's solicitor said the reason the man had not left was that his car was "in pieces" on the property.

He was fined $400 for breaching the order and $500 for failing to appear in court to answer the charge.

A young woman was fined $300 for sending threatening text messages to her ex-partner. She told the court she was angry at the father of her three children and had sent what she called "stupid texts" because "he just makes me so angry".

And a man who sent a text message regarding his children and threatening to call the police, was placed on a three-month, $200 good behaviour bond, after magistrate Ross Woodford described the breach as "very very minor".

Another man accused his former partner of neglecting their children, squatting and running a cult and was concerned his son had broken his arm.

He was fined $200, with no conviction recorded.