152 years of Gympie news, 152 years of front page headlines.
152 years of Gympie news, 152 years of front page headlines.

PHOTOS: 71 powerful Gympie Times front pages over 152 years

WE all knew the day of the final Gympie Times print edition would come, but none would have predicted it would be today.


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Saying goodbye to the local newspaper is a saddening time for all involved in making it, and for the community which so lovingly consumed it for 152 years.

But it’s also a time to reflect on and celebrate generation after generation of rich history, of stories still living and breathing within the pages they were printed on.

As those of us who remain move into a brave new world of exclusively digital production, today it’s time to take a moment and remember the celebrations and the calamities, the delights and the disasters, the heartwarming stories and the heart-wrenching stories, the good times and the bad.

Because all that is what the newspaper was for, all this time.

It reflected and helped make up the Gympie region’s identity, and was always there when the community needed it most.

And that’s not about to change.

Here’s the triumph, the tragedy, and everything in between that made headlines over 152 years of Gympie region news, brought to you by generations of dedicated, passionate and hardworking journalists.

We are, and always have been, there for you.