Police and fire crew investigate abseiler death scene near Gympie
Police and fire crew investigate abseiler death scene near Gympie Troy Jegers

PHOTOS: Police comb tragic abseiler death scene near Gympie


POLICE and Fire crews spent hours carrying out their investigations near the cliff face where an abseiler died in a tragic accident near Bells Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

Initial reports indicate the abseiler was a man in his 60's.

According to ABC Sunshine Coast, Police say the cause of death is not yet clear.

Officers and detectives combed the death scene and the surroundings near the Greene Road Abseiling Points entrance, where the deceased's vehicle had been parked prior to the accident.

A Gympie Funerals vehicle arrived at the scene late in the afternoon as crews prepared to remove the body.

Earlier reports stated the abseiler had been navigating the descent alone and had been making their way down the side of the cliff when they became stuck several metres off the ground.

The reports stated the abseiler became stuck partway down a cliff, and a Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said the patient had been assessed for critical injuries after they were called to the scene at around 12:30pm.


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