The revamped Smithfield St, all up in lights.
The revamped Smithfield St, all up in lights. Jacob Carson

PHOTOS: 'The best Winter on Mary yet'

WATCH: Winter on Mary 2017: All the action from the Winter on Mary event

WITH a crowd of thousands packing every inch of pavement on either side of Mary St last night - it's clear the only thing needed to chase the cold away was the lure of a good night out.

And did Gympie deliver that by the carriage-full, with an evening full of festivities, music and of course - a brand new look for the centre of town.

Gathering in the newly revamped Smithfield St, Gympie Mayor Mick Curran said the grand opening was a cause for celebration but took the time to honour the contributions the recently passed Kev de Vere had made to the town with a moment of silence.

"In these Smithfield St sculptures, there's something that can really add a little bit of vibrancy, excitement or thought to our lives,” Cr Dan Stewart says of the newly-installed artworks at the end of the street.

Those artworks proved to be a massive success, with a steady crowd of curious onlookers throughout the evening.

As for the Winter on Mary festivities themselves, business-owners couldn't be happier with the result.

"I'm just blown away by the amount of people that have come here tonight,” Tony Goodman from Bella Cassa says.

"I think it's pretty easily the best year we've had, the biggest crowd I think I've ever seen here.”