The pie shop attacker dealt drugs on parole.
The pie shop attacker dealt drugs on parole. sharon.luck/williamnyk

Pie shop attacker trafficked drugs on parole

ON PAROLE after a violent bakery bashing on a mineworker, James Daniel Hadley sold ecstasy and marijuana.

Hadley's sentence for drug trafficking was re-opened at Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday.

The court heard Hadley trafficked drugs from about June to November 2017.

He was on parole at that time after an April 2015 attack at Rick's Pies in Maryborough.

In the pie shop violence, Hadley, then 24, attacked a 46-year-old Emerald man and stomped on his head.

Hadley received a two-year prison sentence in February 2016 for assault occasioning bodily harm.

His sentencing for the more recent drug offending was re-opened after a judge previously made an error calculating Hadley's next parole eligibility date.  

On Thursday, Justice Peter Applegarth said Hadley had taken "substantial steps towards his own rehabilitation".

Hadley was jailed for four years for drug trafficking and was given a parole eligibility date of March 8 next year. -NewsRegional